Paul’s Journey | 2 of 3 Saul to Paul Series


This Bible lesson is specifically created for young children by a Christian Preschool Teacher. It is designed for use at home or in a classroom setting.

Focus Story: As a new man Paul tells other about Jesus.
Key Verse: Paul told everyone he met about Jesus. Acts 9:28
Overall Theme: We can tell others about Jesus just like Paul did.


Paul’s Journey


Lesson Includes:
Memory Verse Coloring Sheet: Paul’s Journey
Song: This is How I Follow Jesus
Bible Story and Preschool Questions & Answers: Paul’s Journey
Preschool Prayers
Art & Craft: Make a Map
Snack:  Journey Mix
Extra Content: Cars in Paint, I Spy, Follow the Leader

“One of the many wonderful things about this lesson is it doesn’t matter where you are in your Christ journey. You can benefit from it if you are new to teaching your child Christian faith at home, or lead a children’s ministry at a church, school or daycare. We wanted to offer you a church publishing house quality bible study that you could afford, is easily to understand, use, lead, and is truly designed for preschool aged children.” Cullen

  • Wonderful for at home or Sunday School, Preschool or Daycare worship
  • At home or Preschool/Daycare schedule for use throughout week
  • For parents guidance on how to present material to preschoolers
  • For teachers ready-to-use detailed lesson plan
  • For Sunday School 45+ minutes of content use in one session
  • Publishing house quality, without publishing house price!
  • Materials needed lists
  • Preschool skills developed explained

Additional information


“As you know, church publishing houses rarely do a great job with Preschool curriculum. Your “Growing With God” Preschool Bible Study puts everything easily at hand. As I read it I can see preschool teachers using it in their classrooms, Sunday School leaders using it in church and parents using it at home.” Barb Torgerson, Retired Christian School Teacher and Principal

Use at Home or School Over a Week

When using a lesson at home, in a preschool or daycare you may choose use the lesson throughout the week. A great way to start each day is with a prayer. I have provided several preschool level prayers for you in the lesson, or if you are comfortable praying with preschoolers you can create your own. Here’s how you can use the lesson activities throughout a week. Day One Use the memory verse coloring sheet. While coloring the sheet you will be indirectly introducing the Bible story in the lesson to your preschooler(s). Day Two Bring back out the memory verse coloring sheet and talk about it, and then sing the song with the finger movements. You can continue singing the song throughout the day and week. Day Three It is Bible story and Q&A time! Before or after you read the story review the memory verse coloring sheet and sing the song while doing the finger movements. Day Four Do the fun and educational art & craft project. Day Five and Beyond! For day five and other days use any of the activities for the extra content.

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